CCS and Sustainability

In the coming decades, demand for energy and industrial products (fertilisers, cement, steel, among others) will continue to increase, and as consequence all the alternatives and models available are required to facilitate and promote sustainable development at the local, regional and global scales.


CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) is a technology for reducing anthropogenic emissions, that consist in the capture of carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced from burning fossil fuels during power generation or industrial processes such as cement plants, iron and steel plants, petrochemical complexes, etc. Once captured, CO₂ is transported by pipelines, trucks or ships to sites where it can be used as an industrial commodity or permanently stored in geological formations.

Another acronym that refers to this technology is CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage). The "U" refers to the use of CO₂ as an additional activity during the permanent storage process.

CCS is a key technology
to moving towards
low carbon models

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CO₂ UTILISATION and storage